Wedding Cake Guide

Wedding Cake Guide

If you’re reading this article then you’re probably engaged and working diligently to host the wedding ceremony of your dreams or you’re here to help out a friend or family member so they’re not overwhelmed by the pressure of undertaking such a mammoth task all by themselves. Whatever the case may be we’d like to assure you that you’re at the right place. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since you’re here that choosing the perfect wedding cake ( a bridal wedding cake or a bridal shower cake) is quite a challenging task. We’re here to share a few tips so you could get the perfect bridal wedding cake or the perfect bridal shower cake for your wedding or for the wedding of one of your close friends or family members.
The most important thing before beginning the selection process is to have a crystal clear understanding about the requirements. When selecting a bakery for your wedding cake, you must have an idea what “part” your wedding cake will play in your wedding reception. Will the cake be a feature at the reception? Will there be a formal cake table, suitable for photographs before and during a cake cutting ceremony, or will the cake be informal and involve little ceremony before serving? Will there be a formal toast to you and your new spouse, requiring champagne or a celebratory gesture to be served to all of the guests just prior to the toast? Will your cake be required to feed more than 30 people? Roughly how many people would be present at your reception? Will you be serving the cake on china or on paper plates? Eaten with disposable forks? Who will cut the cake? Who will pass the cake to your guests? Make a list of your expectations with regard to the issues above. That way, you will be ready to talk to the people at the bakery when they ask you these questions.
The next most important thing is selecting the actual vendor who could be trusted with this responsibility. First of all you need to get reviews from people who’ve hired the bakery you’re about to visit with the same responsibility (of making a bridal wedding or a bridal shower cake)
Let the professionals who are specialised in celebration cakes do it instead of a bakery in the supermarket which is famous for its cheap breads rather than their unique and delicious wedding cakes.
Go for a tasting. You have to look for actual samples of their work, not photos. Most bakeries that do fancy cakes make styrofoam models to show off their decorating skills that’s why tasting the cake is vital. The overwhelming majority of wedding cakes are made with uninspired cake that is firmer in texture in order to hold its shape. Insist that they give you a piece of the actual flavour you are ordering, so you know it will be tasty. Ideally you should go with a few other people as it’d be impossible to fool the palette of you and your friends at the same time with below par quality.
Naked cakes are fashionable and the quality of the sponge can be better as they don’t have to support as much weight as traditional iced cakes. Also you should ideally have a different flavour for each tier if you’re looking for a multilayered, intricate cake.
Finally, you have to make sure they deliver and set up at the venue. All your work would go to waste if you’re not careful about the logistics of the situation.
Don’t go too big and grandiose, go for quality. Most weddings have far too much cake left over at the end. Think about what guests will eat in total. Normally it would be canapé’s, starter, main-course, dessert (which should be light and fruity to leave space for the usually quite rich wedding cake).
The bridal wedding cake industry is a booming business there’s a plethora of vendors , some are big and fancy. These are big operations, with official sales people, fancy tasting rooms and huge portfolios. Some are run by one or two people with only a few photographs of their previous work. Unless your guest list is 100 people or more, the smaller bakeries will usually be able to do just as good a job as the bigger ones. So you should choose the bakery wisely as the larger their operation and logistics infrastructure is the more you might have to pay. The Bridal Wedding cake is vitally important as after the magnificent lunch you’ve hosted if the dessert (cake in this case) doesn’t look like a piece of art or tastes pathetic then it might leave your guests with a bad taste in their mouths despite everything else being perfect. We wish you the best and hope your married life is as sweet as the glorious wedding cake you’ll have at your wedding reception.
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