Role Of Wedding Venue In A Wedding Ceremony

Role Of Wedding Venue In A Wedding Ceremony

Are you searching for the wedding venue of your dreams ? Are you apprehensive about your dream wedding venue taking funds away from your honeymoon budget? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place and we hope by the end of this blogpost your search for a luxurious, memorable and affordable banquet hall near you would come to an exuberant end.
A wedding venue plays an integral and indispensable role in making the wedding ceremony memorable for the couple, their families and all the guests. The aesthetic appeal of a picturesque banquet hall , mouth watering food and professional staff would definitely enhance the experience of the guests .An amazing venue would be the deciding factor in determining whether the wedding ceremony is a success or not most of the time. It doesn’t matter if your decorations are awe inspiring , your photography team and other staff is extremely courteous and professional but if your venue is below par (lacks modern infrastructure, doesn’t have state of the art amenities, is not hygienic as well as picturesque amongst a plethora of other things which cannot be negotiated) then no matter how glorious the other aspects of your wedding are your wedding ceremony could end in a disaster. So its paramount that the first thing you make sure you get right is the selection of the wedding venue.

In this blogpost we’d be dealing with how much does a wedding in India generally costs and more importantly the type of wedding venues out there, which wedding venue is generally considered to be the cheapest and which wedding venue would be the best fit for your requirements. Choosing which wedding venue would suit your overall vision regarding the theme you’d want your wedding ceremony to follow is vital. If you’re looking for a regal theme then a heritage site would do wonders as your wedding venue, if you’re looking for a small, intimate, comfy setting, then a small farmhouse or banquet hall would be the ideal wedding venues for you. To give you a complete picture we have classified our list based on various types of wedding venues and we’d try to give you a complete picture so you can make an educated decision regarding which venue would fit your criteria as well as your budget, so you could have your dream wedding within the budget you’ve set. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

These venues could be classified further on the basis of their types, these are:

Banquet Halls: – The dictionary definition of a banquet hall is a large building or room used for hosting feasts. Banquet halls can be further classified as small, medium and large based on the number of people they can accommodate. This classification is highly subjective as someone might consider 150 or less capacity as small and someone else might consider 300 or less capacity as small while some people might consider 1000 + capacity as a large resort and some people might consider the same banquet hall medium sized at best. It doesn’t need further explanation from our end that smaller banquet halls cost much less while larger halls would be quite expensive. All that being said, banquet halls are generally considered to be the cheapest wedding venues. If you’re looking to get married and you’re constrained by a tight budget then a small or medium banquet hall would be an ideal venue for you.
Lawns & farmhouses: – These wedding venues would be a good fit for you if you have reliable vendors who can take charge of catering, decoration, photography and other departments which need to work with harmony in order to achieve a perfect wedding ceremony. A small lawn and a small banquet hall would cost roughly the same for a small wedding ceremony while prices would rise exponentially as the surface area/ number of people increases.
Hotels & resorts: – If you’re looking for comfort over affordability then these wedding venues would be a great choice for you. The staff would be extremely professional and the overall ambience would be sophisticated and elegant.
Heritage properties: – This is probably the most expensive alternative out there. Heritage sites are buildings/architecture/ sites with some historical significance. They are highly sought after by people who want quite an exclusive and unique wedding ceremony.
Generally speaking, the order in which the type of wedding venues are priced is: – Banquet halls < Lawns < Hotels < Heritage sites
We hope you found this post useful. Using the information we’ve provided you can select the wedding venue/ the type of wedding venue which would be most suitable for the type of wedding you want to host based on the theme of your choice, the amount of guests you’re planning to invite and a plethora of other factors which could be deemed as a direct result of the type of wedding venue you select.
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