Role Of Photographers In Weddings

Role Of Photographers In Weddings

We all know an amazing, extravagant wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime event as most people wouldn’t want to get to get married a second time after failing in their first marriage, therefore, its paramount that the quiddity of this once in a lifetime event is captured perfectly and preserved well. This makes wedding photography an integral and indispensable part of your wedding. Today we’d be discussing ways and give you some pointers regarding how to manage the cost of professional wedding photography services. We’d also share the best conventional as well as destination wedding photographers near you. We are going to help you capture the essence of your wedding perfectly on a budget you’d be comfortable with. The magic of a photograph is astounding as people talk without speaking and others hear without listening, the simple act of viewing a photograph accomplishes all this.
Pre wedding rituals are just as important as the wedding ceremony especially in the current era where social media has taken the world by storm. If you’re about to tie the knot with the love of your life then one the first things you should search for is a proficient, professional and punctual wedding photographer near you. You can either book the same photographer/team of photographers for pre wedding rituals/celebrations as well as the actual wedding ceremony , however professional wedding photography is generally an expensive affair with the professional photography team charging anywhere from 1 lakh to 4 lakhs per day so you might consider having professional wedding photography at the actual wedding ceremony while taking a step back in covering other ceremonies if your budget is tight.
The value of a competent wedding photographer cannot be overstated. Wedding is a strange occasion, it’s perhaps the only event which might seem like an ephemeral glimpse in the grand scheme of things and also in complete contrast it also oozes a majestic, eternal tranquility and contentment which keeps the bride and groom united in the sacred bond of marriage. While the decor, catering, venue and other aspects of a wedding ceremony are temporary in nature, the power of professional wedding photography captures these moments of celebration where 2 people, 2 families become one and makes these moments permanent. The wedding album, digital archive of the wedding would act as a memento for generations to come. This makes photography probably the most important aspect of a wedding ceremony because after a while people might forget that one bad dish in the buffet, the odd looking decoration and flower arrangement but a bad wedding album would act as a permanent reminder and source of great regret for what might’ve been if you’d chosen the local or destination wedding photographer properly instead of scrambling for one at the last moment.
Now that we’ve established the unquestionable importance of professional wedding photography we should also talk about how much hiring a professional wedding photographer could/would set you back. Here we have to be careful because “good” is a subjective term. What’s good for one person might not be good enough for someone else. Same thing goes for price as well. What some people might consider cheap others might consider super expensive. So keeping the subjective nature of the problem statement in mind we’ve decided to break all the expenses a “good” photographer generally incurs in pursuit of an ideal day at the office (in this case it means an ideal day in covering a wedding ceremony in its entirety). With that being said let’s look at few of the expenses a photographer or a team of photographers has to bear in order to achieve their objectives with a high level of proficiency, competency and efficiency.
These expenses might broadly be classified into equipment costs, number of people you’re hiring in the photography team and the size of the venue the photography team has to cover. Keeping all these things in mind we decided to survey thousands of people in India who recently got married and we found out people generally paid between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,50,000 for professional wedding photography services. We must say there could be some inherent bias in our sampling technique as most of the people we surveyed mostly belonged to either lower-middle, middle or upper-middle classes. So, we’d advise you to take these numbers with a grain of salt as the super rich and the super poor aren’t represented in the survey dataset. We also found out almost everyone hired a professional wedding photographer and around half of the married couples and their families allocated more money in their professional wedding photography budget than they had intended in their original budget.
We hope you found our list useful. We wish you the best for your upcoming wedding day and hope that your married life would turn out as beautiful as the your wedding pictures would be after selecting one of our recommendations.
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