Role Of Decorators In Weddings

Role Of Decorators In Weddings

Are you getting butterflies in your stomach as your wedding day draws closer and closer? Are you worried there’s too much work to do and there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, precisely in the way you want the said things done? We’re sure finding a competent wedding decorator is one of the major achilleas heels of any soon to be married couple and their respective families. We all realise great decor has the capacity to make or break any wedding ceremony. There are countless themes and decor templates which are currently trending and all these trends like the most sought-after wedding mandap decoration, Flowers, lights, drapes and everything in between are some of the many elements that are part of wedding decor. It’s hard to keep track of all these things therefore hiring a wedding decorator has become an essential aspect of most Indian wedding ceremonies as he/she would be riding the wave of the trends with all the relevant information being shared with you so you and your decorator can make an informed decision.
The importance of the Mandap in a traditional Indian wedding cannot be emphasised enough. The mandap is a beautifully adorned setting/stage/platform where the actual wedding takes place. All the rituals, ceremonies and customs are performed on the mandap itself therefore wedding mandap decoration has to be on the top of your most important things to consider in your grand decoration plan for the wedding ceremony. Today, we are going to discuss a few ideas on how to design an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and unique mandap for you and your partner. We’ve kept in mind that not everyone can or wants to hire an expensive wedding decorator or luxury wedding planner so we’ll be discussing low budget and easy to accomplish mandap ideas with you so you don’t have to spend an exuberant amount of money on a big shot wedding decorator and instead you’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge to hire competent(not super expensive) wedding decorators to get the job done. Keep the following points in mind before hiring a wedding decorator and discussing design ideas for your mandap and overall aesthetic enhancement scheme of your wedding venue.

Placement is vital

The mandap has to be strategically placed in such a location where it doesn’t block the path of the myriad of guests at your wedding, at the same time it should be placed in such a location such that it is easily accessible and more importantly visible from most of (if not the entire) wedding venue. It should not block any of the food stalls and there should be enough space around it so most (if not all) of your guests can surround it and bless the soon to be married couple when they’re performing the wedding rituals.

Decor of the mandap should be an extension of your wedding theme

The mandap should stand out from the rest of the wedding decor. However, it should not be completely different from the rest of your wedding theme. Ideally your mandap should be an extension of your wedding setup just like everyone at the wedding is dressed up but the bride and the groom are almost always the show stoppers. Similarly, the mandap has to be the most beautiful and pious place in the entire venue. It should have resemblance with the rest of your theme but it should add to the overall ambience with its own traditional, unique charm. By this we don’t mean you don’t have to focus much on the rest of the decor rather what we mean is extra attention should be given to the wedding mandap decoration.

Comfort is just as important as aesthetics

You’d have to sit at the mandap for an extended amount of time therefore its paramount that your isn’t just beautiful but also comfortable and spacious to sit in as well.
The aforementioned ideas and tips are just meant to give you a basic understanding to make sure you can stay on top of the work supposed to be done by the wedding decorator you hire. These tips alone cannot replace the work the wedding decorator would do. The value of a good wedding decorator cannot be understated. Our team of experts has painstakingly ventured out on the streets of popular cities in India primarily northern India in places like the Chandigarh tri-city area and Delhi (to name a few) to handpick the best decorators so our readers can get the most professional as well as proficient people who could be trusted with such a mammoth responsibility. Please have a look at our list of top wedding decorators in our services page and we hope you’ll enjoy a life with your partner as beautiful as the decor setup that’d be done by our recommended decorators.
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