Importance Of Wedding Cards

Importance Of Wedding Cards

The wedding day is one of the most important days of a person’s life. The betrothed couple along with their family and friends devote several months of their lives to prepare and plan for the big day. Every facet whether it’s something insignificant or something major requires proper scrutiny. One such major aspect is selecting the perfect wedding invitation card. After interviewing many couples who tied the knot recently we asked them playfully “Can you recall a particular moment or instance when you realised there’s no turning back?” Almost all the couples we interviewed said “when the marriage invitation cards were printed and sent out to both our friends and families”. This response didn’t surprise us at all as the wedding invitation card elucidates the roadmap of the entire wedding ceremony for the guests who’ll attend the wedding to bless the soon to be married couple and witness the union of the two individuals into one inseparable unit where both of them (husband and wife) would be with each other through thick and thin, through the joy and sorrow both today and tomorrow.
Now that we’ve established the importance of a wedding invitation card in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the overall success of the wedding ceremony lets discuss a few design aspects which make up a marriage invitation card. There are a lot of things one must keep in mind in order to create an amazing marriage invitation card.
Before starting your wedding invitation card selection/creation process its highly recommended for you compare various card designs on the basis of colour, content presentation, size, paper quality, design and uniqueness. We’ll have a look at each of these in detail.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of your marriage invitation card. A great card design would instil a sense of excitement and anticipation among your guests. There’s a myriad of wedding invitation card designs ranging from traditional, modern and western. Fancy wedding invitation card designs like a video book invitation and caricature style invitation are very popular nowadays. You could also assert your own flair and customise your ideal marriage invitation card.

Content Presentation

The content and presentation of your wedding invitation card should be as special as your wedding day itself. Careful consideration should be given to each word, fonts should be elegant and most importantly creativity should be oozing from the contents of your marriage invitation card.


The colour of your wedding invitation card plays a key role in enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Dull colours will make your card boring while bright and lively colours makes your marriage invitation card look fun and exciting. However its recommended that you don’t experiment a lot with too many colours and ruin your card. Two or three colours which blend together do the trick.


The size of your wedding invitation card depends solely on you. A Large marriage invitation card would cost more for obvious reasons even when it comes to postage and handling costs.

Paper Quality

Weddings aren’t cheap. When you’re already splurging the cash it makes no sense to settle for poor paper quality for your wedding invitation card. Your marriage invitation card should feel luxurious when your guests hold it and paper of premium quality is highly recommended.


You should do everything in your power to make sure your marriage invitation card is unique as it’d be a huge letdown to go through all the trouble and finding out the wedding invitation card you worked so hard for is very basic. A well thought out and unique wedding invitation card would definitely leave your guests impressed and looking forward to your wedding day.
If you’d keep all these things in mind then there’s no way your wedding card would turn out to be a disappointment. It is essential to have a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing wedding invitation card to get your guests excited and in the mood to attend your wedding ceremony. The theme of your wedding card would and should ideally dictate the theme of your wedding. If you’re planning to hold a traditional wedding ceremony then your wedding card should have a traditional theme and feel about it. Similarly, if you’re planning to hold a modern wedding then your wedding card should have modern aesthetics and a theme to match the modernity of the ceremony you’re about to host.
We hope these tips will help you create a sublime wedding invitation card and we wish you the very best for your big day.
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