Creative And Cost-saving Wedding Catering To Host Your Special Day

Creative And Cost-saving Wedding Catering To Host Your Special Day

Over the past couple of years our team of experts have interviewed countless couples and guided them in their journey towards marriage and their long awaited wedding day. Out of all these people we interviewed we observed the most stress inducing element of the wedding ceremony was finding s competent wedding catering service at reasonable prices. In an average Indian wedding ceremony the catering budget takes up around 35-40 percent of the overall budget of the entire wedding ceremony. So, the importance of proficient and cost effective wedding catering service cannot be overstated.
For you (the person who’s about to get married) things like your soon to be spouse and the ceremonial aspect of the wedding ceremony might hold paramount importance but for your guests the most important thing when they’d be attending your wedding would be food. Even if they’re hanging around standing by when you and your closest family members are busy performing the necessary rituals , all the attention of your guests would definitely be laser focused on the food vessels and all they’d be hoping and wishing for would be to be the first chosen few who could beat the queue and be the first to get in line. This isn’t meant to make fun of or ridicule your guests but we’ve stated all this to demonstrate the importance of food and catering at your wedding.
Budgeting your catering costs properly could very well be the most challenging part of organising your wedding ceremony. Wedding venues which offers wedding buffet catering or wedding catering services generally charge money on cost per plate(CPP) basis. We’ve classified these venues on the following basis:
Now let’s take a look at a few creative ideas to save your money on wedding catering service without giving off a stingy or miserly vibe.
We hope this blogpost helps you. For further help you can visit our website where you’ll have access to our huge database of wedding venues across India in one place.

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