All About Catering

All About Catering

For you (the person who’s about to get married) things like your soon to e spouse and the ceremonial aspect of the wedding ceremony might hold paramount importance but for your guests the most important thing when they’d be attending your wedding would be food. Even if they’re hanging around standing by when you and your closest family members are busy performing the necessary rituals , all the attention of your guests would definitely be laser focused on the food vessels and all they’d be hoping and wishing for would be to be the first chosen few who could beat the queue and be the first to get in line. This isn’t meant to make fun of or ridicule your guests but we’ve stated all this to demonstrate the importance of food and catering at your wedding.
Most of the people we’ve surveyed expressed a strong desire to have the venue they’ve chosen to have premium wedding catering services along with other necessary services like decor, photography and staffing services. When confronted with the question why wouldn’t they want to hire specialists for each domain we got a similar answer which went along the lines of “we want a streamlined process which wouldn’t have any inter-departmental conflict”. This concern of having an inter-departmental conflict is quite pressing and could derail the preparations (for example the probable conflict of interests between the decor and photography team over the dynamics of the arrangement or the potential conflict between the venue stakeholders and the catering team over the mismanagement and recklessness, property damage etc to name a few). To overcome such issues most of the top wedding venues have a list of partner vendors with whom they’ve worked with in the past so there’s effective communication and streamlined command structure with your wedding planner at the helm. So, we’d also recommend the same approach of choosing a proper wedding venue like a banquet hall, marriage lawn or hotel which also serves amazing food.
Such venues which offers wedding buffet catering or wedding food catering services generally charge money on cost per plate(CPP) basis. We’ve classified these venues on the following basis:
With the financial aspect of the wedding catering services settled, let’s take a look at the qualities you need to look for in a reliable wedding caterer. These are in no particular order and each of these qualities is as important as any other quality we’ve mentioned.
Their communication skills should be excellent and they should be easy to talk to. This is vital as you’d need to make sure that you are able to freely express yourself to the caterer. There should be a friendly relation between the two of you. Only then you can tell him what you want, and he will give you an honest opinion. He/She should be able to tell you whether your choice is right and there should be a fine line between imposing their will and not saying no to you even if you’re making a horrendous mistake.
Another key skill your caterer should definitely have is he/she should be able to provide you as many options as they can within the constraint of the budget you’ve stipulated. They’d give you a plethora of options so you can decide the cuisine or dishes as per your preference and budget. In this way, you will get the best deal that fits your budget. Your caterer should also be more than willing to offer you the food , whatever you want to taste before including in the menu of your wedding ceremony. The best wedding catering service providers would not hesitate to let you taste their food as they’re confident about their product.
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